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Capacity Building

Building the Capacity of our Grantees

SV2 Partners have a wide range of expertise and experience that they are willing to share. Once a grant is made, we work in partnership with the Grantee to improve their ability to deliver effective programs. We recognize that nonprofit practitioners are the program experts -- SV2 Partners complement this programmatic expertise by helping to strengthen the management, governance, and internal operations of the organizations.

We define Organizational Capacity Building as the development of core skills, management practices, strategies, and systems to enhance an organization’s effectiveness, sustainability and ability to fulfill its mission. We support capacity building for our Grantees by providing cash grants, skilled volunteer advisors, leadership development and management training opportunities. Our ultimate goal is that a high-potential organization will be better and stronger in its pursuit of its mission than it was before we were involved or than it would be otherwise.

We seek to develop true partnerships with nonprofits. SV2’s model is not appropriate or desirable for every non-profit. Our approach is unique and most non-profits are not accustomed to a funder being involved with the “guts” of an organization. For those non-profits that are willing to engage in this type of relationship, SV2 offers a compelling opportunity for financial and organizational capacity building support. However, it takes appreciable time and effort from SV2 and Grantees to understand how to effectively engage SV2’s resources, develop trust with SV2 to jointly address organizational needs; and provide orientation and management of volunteers.

Our past grants have supported a wide range of capacity-building activities in areas including:

  • Financial Management
  • Fund Development
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing and Public Relations
  • Program Design, Expansion and Evaluation
  • Human Resources
  • Mission, Vision, Strategy, and Planning
  • Leadership Development
  • Board Development

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