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annual report

Read our annual report to learn how we fulfill all the aspects of our mission through grantmaking, Grantee engagement, Partner development, and family programs. 

sv2's 2014-17 strategic plan

Read SV2's new
strategic plan.


A Spectacular Gathering of Givers

Pictured: Partners Gina Jorasch, Nancy Heinen, and Laurie Lacob

What a blast our Annual Gathering of Givers was on Wednesday, October 22! We enjoyed a vibrant sunset in the beautiful Oshman Family JCC venue, connected with friends both longstanding and new, and found profound inspiration in our newest rock star Grantees—The Art of Yoga Project, Food Shift, and The Big Lift.

Partner and Board Chair Nancy Heinen kicked things off with an update on SV2’s “Year of Pilots.” Partners Lucy Donovan, Nancy Yu, Julie Cates, and Jennifer Heyneman Sousae then introduced leaders from our three most recent Grantees, who shared their “aha” moments—when they were inspired to address the difficult problems they seek to solve with their work. A Grantee Q&A session moderated by Lisa Van Dusen, Director of Partner Engagement & External Relations, concluded the formal program.

If you had to miss it—hey, the Giants World Series game was on—check out the video here.  READ MORE

SV2's Springboard Session: Impact Investing

Pictured: Speakers Fran Seegull, Julia Sze, and Kat Taylor

On October 3, we hosted our first SV2 Springboard Session with the goal of empowering Partners to jump–or at least begin to wade–into the world of impact investing. Impact investing, simply put, is investing that aims to achieve both measurable social impact and a financial return.

Three dynamic field leaders in the impact investing space shared their knowledge with us: Fran Seegull of ImpactAssets, Julia Sze of Sonen Capital, and Kat Taylor of Beneficial State Bank. They provided an eager audience with an overview of this rapidly developing field. They highlighted impact investment opportunities across asset classes and offered practical resources to help Partners take initial steps to align their personal investments with their values and the social causes about which they care. Check out the video of the session to learn more!



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in the news

HUGE congrats to our Grantee 'The Big Lift' and The Silicon Valley Community Foundation on winning a highly competitive $7.5 million SIF grant. Check out this press release to learn more!


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