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About SV2

We have a dual mission: to build the philanthropic capacity of our Partners and to build the organizational capacity of our Grantees.

  • SV2 Partners become more strategic lifelong philanthropists as they select and advise Grantees, attend SV2 educational events, and learn from one another.
  • We strengthen our Grantees by giving financial support, advising, networking-building opportunities, and training.

SV2 is a partnership for giving. Our donors (called “Partners”) pool annual contributions of $6,000+ each to make a bigger, more meaningful impact than any of us could make on our own. We work together to decide which cutting-edge nonprofits will receive our pooled funds and our professional advising and consulting. Our grants support nonprofit capacity building, so we look to fund organizations that are small but proven and ready to scale their impact. This concept of giving not only funds, but also leveraging the intellectual, human and network capital of our donors to support our Grantees, is known as “venture philanthropy.”

Founded by Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen in 1998, SV2 offers Partners a diverse menu of events and opportunities to engage with one another, our Grantees, and the community. These include three grant rounds per year from among four rotating topics: Education, Health, Environment, and International Development. In addition, we offer a wide range of educational and social events, as well as programs in nonprofit board service, philanthropy for teens, and kids service-learning. In 2008, SV2 was named the Silicon Valley Association of Fundraising Professionals Philanthropic Organization of the Year.

SV2 Partners all share an interest in community impact and philanthropy. Together, the Partnership spans many professions, ages, cities and interest areas. Partners range in age from their 20’s to 70’s. Professionally, we have lawyers, doctors, tech entrepreneurs, professors, full-time parents, and varied business professionals. That diversity is one of the sources of our dynamism and strength. Currently we have over 100 Partner families, and that number continues to grow. For more info, check out SV2's new Annual Report!


The needs of our communities are urgent and deep, and the problems we address in education, health, international development and the environment can seem overwhelming. But SV2 Partners bring the persistence, creativity, innovation and optimism that make change possible.

Nancy Heinen,
SV2 Board Chair

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