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About SV2

SV2 is a vibrant giving network of more than 200 Partners who come together to learn about effective giving and pool their money and talent to support promising social ventures throughout Silicon Valley and the world.

Our mission is to unleash the resources and talents of the Silicon Valley community in support of promising social ventures to achieve measurable impact.

We envision a Silicon Valley where everyone makes social responsibility a priority, harnessing our region's culture of innovation and capacity for giving, to tackle the most pressing social challenges we face at home and around the world. 

The SV2 community's core values include: impact, experiential learning, leadership, innovation, and collaborative community. These core values anchor our community and how we approach all of our work together.

SV2 Partners select cutting-edge organizations and initiatives that receive three-year unrestricted capacity building grants (up to $150,000 over three years) focused on rotating issue areas including education, environment, at-risk youth, health and international development. Through a grassroots “venture philanthropy” model, Partners choose Grantees at crucial inflection points in their organizational development, offering “beyond-the-dollars” advising to help them build capacity and scale. Founded by Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen in 1998, SV2 also helps its Partner families become more strategic lifelong citizen philanthropists through experiential learning (including SV2 Teens and Kids programs), educational events and learning from one another. SV2 Partners report becoming more strategic, confident, generous givers, as well as more engaged in their communities. SV2 Grantees touched more than 12 million lives in the last year alone.


The needs of our communities are urgent and deep, and the problems we address in education, health, international development and the environment can seem overwhelming. But SV2 Partners bring the persistence, creativity, innovation and optimism that make change possible.

Nancy Heinen,
SV2 Partner

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