Lightning Round Grants

How does it work?

Lightning Grant Rounds are a shorter grantmaking experience, taking place over just one month. Each Lightning Round focuses on a particular issue area (for example, Economic Opportunity, Education, Environment, and Housing, among others).

SV2’s Lightning Rounds rely on funder allies, foundations who collaborate with SV2, by nominating organizations from their own portfolios and sharing their diligence materials with us. This lessens the burden for nonprofits and allows us as Partners to learn how to conduct due diligence from experienced philanthropy professionals.

During Lightning Rounds, participating Partners review the diligence materials online, participate in conference calls with the funder allies, evaluate the finalists against a rubric we’ve developed, and collectively select a single Grantee. Lightning Round Grantees receive a one-year unrestricted grant of $30,000, intended to help the Grantee build organizational capacity.

Lightning Grant Rounds…

  • Are shorter than Classic Grant Rounds with just two meetings
  • Are designed for Partners who may not have time to commit to a longer, Classic Grant Round
  • Rely on funder allies who nominate pre-vetted applicants from their own portfolios
  • Help Partners learn from seasoned philanthropy professionals as they share their diligence frameworks
  • Award an unrestricted $30,000 grant and two finalist grants that are $2,500 each.