Family Philanthropy

SV2 Partners engage their families through SV2’s hands-on learning, service and giving opportunities to develop the next generation of givers.

Helping Teens understand the needs in their community and how they can help

The SV2 Teens Program is a youth-led changemaking experience for SV2 Partners’ children who are in 7th-12th grade. Teens gain exposure to pressing local social issues, learn about nonprofit organizations and think together about giving money away effectively aligned with trust based philanthropy practices. Since the program’s founding in 2009, SV2 Teens have made over a dozen grants together in the areas of Resilient Youth, Environment, Education, Workforce Development, Housing & Basic Needs in the Bay Area, and Criminal Justice Reform. Read more about the impact of the SV2 Teens program in this article from Gentry magazine.

Read what Teens did in 2021 here.

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Teens Program
Session 1

Kickoff & Orientation

Sunday, January 9th 1:30-4pm

In this high‐energy session we’ll get to know each other, explore personal social impact and philanthropic passions,
discuss leadership roles, familiarize with the difference between changemaking and trust-based philanthropy vs.
charity, and learn the art of assessing nonprofits. Key components of the program and schedule will be covered.

Session 2

Equitable Community Engagement and Issue Focus Selection

Sunday, January 23rd 1:30-4pm

Teens will share changemaker inspirations, practice active listening, discuss who and what they care about individually
and as a group, select one social impact topic they’d like to focus on for the program, and select 3 Alumni SV2
Community Partners that work in the selected focus area to invite to participate in our program.

Session 3

Org Selection and Equitable Community Engagement

Sunday, February 6th 2-4pm

Teens will select 2-3 organizations (Community Partners / Alumni Grantees) who work in the selected topic area, learn about unconscious bias, breaking down power dynamics, power sharing, holding space for authentic discussion, and taking a strengths-based approach.

Sessions 4-6


 February and March

As we volunteer, we’ll meet with people from each organization (including the communities they support) to discuss who and what’s important to them, learn about what they do firsthand, and ways to support. 

Session 7

Reflections and Celebration Prep

Sunday, March 27th 1:30-4pm

Teens will discuss our learning and reflection after volunteering, community strengths and aspirations, brainstorm ways to share insights with the broader SV2 community, and prep for our Celebration event.

Session 8


Sunday, May 1st 1:30-4pm

We’ll gather Teens’ families, organization leaders, and SV2 staff to celebrate the participating organizations, their work and impact, and Teens will share how they are progressing in their own changemaker journeys. This will be a fun and colorful event!

Session 9

Teen Feedback and Reflections

Sunday, May 15th 1:30-2:30pm

We’ll share reflections, learnings, and feedback.

KIDS Program

Our kids are never too young to learn to give

SV2 Kids brings families together to engage in local community service projects that broaden the perspectives of our younger children, connect families, and spark compassion for others and a love of giving in the next generation. Each SV2 Kids activity involves learning about the issue area, volunteering together at a local nonprofit to serve our community, and taking time to reflect on what we’ve learned. The content of the program is geared toward children ages 4-12 and their families. Past service projects have focused on the elderly, the environment, animals, poverty and homelessness.