Seema Batavia

"I felt like I had met my tribe."
How did you hear about SV2?

I was looking for an organization in which I could both learn and engage in philanthropy. I found SV2 through extensive research on the internet and through my peer network.

What made you decide to join?

After attending a few events, I felt that SV2 not only met my needs in terms of providing a venue for strategic philanthropy, but also provided a community of like-minded and like-valued people. I felt like I had met my ‘tribe.”

How have you been involved?

I have been involved in several Grant and Impact Investing Rounds which were all great experiences. I am also leading the SV2 Kids program to curate activities for our younger ones (4-12 years) to become exposed to issues in our community, foster compassion and kindness, and create a spirit of service.

What have you enjoyed most?

I’ve enjoyed everything that I’ve done with SV2. The community, activities, and collaborating with other Partners to make things happen has been extremely rewarding.