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Page: Impact Investments

SV2 has added investing in for-profit social impact companies to our mix of approaches to addressing social and environmental challenges in pursuit of the greatest impact. SV2 defines “impact investing” as investing for the dual purpose of both social impact and financial return. How does it work? A group of SV2 Partners conducts diligence on … Continued

Page: Lightning Round Grants

How does it work? Lightning Grant Rounds are a shorter grantmaking experience, taking place over just one month. Each Lightning Round focuses on a particular issue area (for example, Economic Opportunity, Education, Environment, and Housing, among others). SV2’s Lightning Rounds rely on funder allies, foundations who collaborate with SV2, by nominating organizations from their own portfolios … Continued

Page: Classic Grant Rounds

How does it work? In a Classic Grant Round, participating Partners learn about one issue area -- for example, Education, the Environment, International Development, or Economic Opportunity & Employment -- and get to know several Bay Area nonprofits working in that sector. After five to six months of learning, diligence and evaluation, we choose one … Continued

Page: Grants and Impact Investments

SV2 Partners pool annual contributions, and then together decide where to grant the collective funds. See how it works: Classic Grant Rounds Partners participate in a five to six month experiential grantmaking process, collectively deciding which nonprofits to fund. Explore Lightning Grant Rounds In a condensed one-month process, Partners review a small group of potential Grantees culled … Continued

Page: What We Do

Collaborative giving and learning We pool our resources to invest in social ventures while learning and working together. Our social impact model has four components. Grants and Impact InvestmentsWe pool our capital to make multi-year general operating support grants and impact investments in social ventures.Learning ProgramsWe offer skill-building workshops and cutting-edge social sector learning programs.Capacity … Continued

Page: Impact Reports

Farther Together: 2018-19 Impact Report View SV2’s 2018-19 Impact Report which provides more information about our community, our programs, our impact, and our financials. Press the bottom right button to view in full screen. SV2 Impact Reports 2018-19 Impact Report View SV2’s 2018-19 Impact Report which provides more information about our community, our programs, our … Continued

Page: Meet Our Partners

Meet a few of SV2's Partners, each of whom has a unique story about why they joined SV2 and what they've found here.

Page: Our Story

SV2 was born in a coffee shop rather than a garage, but our origins have much in common with the startup companies of Silicon Valley legend. At Palo Alto’s University Coffee, Stanford business student Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen pitched the president of the local Community Foundation with a new model of giving and investing in social impact. … Continued