Our Impact

We aim to significantly strengthen the social impact organizations we fund while helping our Partners develop into more strategic lifelong givers. Find out more in our recent Impact Report.

SV2’s Impact on Partners

Transforming Partners’ giving and community impact


Increased their level of knowledge about local community needs and solutions


Experienced increased confidence in practicing effective giving


Said their involvement with SV2 has strengthened their ability to serve as a nonprofit board member, leader, or volunteer


Felt an increase in ability to conduct effective due diligence on social impact organizations

SV2’s Impact on Grantees

Leveraging resources to amplify social impact


SV2 has funded over 125 nonprofits and social enterprises, providing more than $7 million in funding since its founding.


43% of Partners said they provided follow-on donations and/or investments to organizations they connected with or learned about through SV2.


In 2019-20, the SV2 community invested over $1.4 million (including direct investments and Partner follow-on funding) in our Grantees and Impact Investees.

Social Venture Stories

Check out the success stories of some of our Community Partners (Grantees and Investees)