Our Impact

We aim to significantly strengthen the social impact organizations we fund while helping our Partners develop into more strategic lifelong givers.

SV2’s Impact on Partners

Transforming Partners’ giving and community impact


say they better understand local community challenges and potential solutions


are more confident practicing effective philanthropy


say they’ve developed a more strategic approach to their giving


say SV2 has helped them become more effective social impact leaders

SV2’s Impact on Grantees

Leveraging resources to amplify social impact


Each dollar SV2 has invested in nonprofit organizations over the last five years has been leveraged at least 30x, helping our Grantees raise over $30 million in additional funding.


SV2 made nearly $450,000 in grants and impact investments to high-impact local nonprofits and social enterprises in 2015-16.


Partners donated nearly $1 million in follow-on funding to past and current SV2 Grantees in 2015-16.


In 2015-16, Partners contributed nearly 1,000 hours of skilled volunteer support, an estimated additional value to Grantees of $150,000.