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Post: A Look Back: SV2 Spring Gathering

More than 100 SV2 Partners, Grantees, and social change partners attended SV2’s annual Spring Gathering, Rethinking Impact: Inspiring Innovation through Empathy, on Thursday, April 11. Innovation leaders took front stage and shared how their immersive experiences and empathetic understanding inspired them to develop out-of-the-box solutions to critical social challenges. Watch and share the full program … Continued

Post: SV2 Year in Review

The last 12 months continued to be a time of both rising challenges and increased wealth in Silicon Valley. SV2’s mission to unleash the resources and talents of the Silicon Valley community to achieve meaningful social impact has never been more relevant. SV2 uniquely connects givers to each other and to promising nonprofits and social … Continued

Post: Call for SV2 Partner Buddies

Thinking back to your time as a new Partner at SV2, did you ever wish you had someone within the Partner community that you could reach out to? Someone to answer questions about an upcoming event or Grant Round meeting? A familiar face you could look for at a community gathering? Someone to answer a … Continued

Post: 2019 Partner Survey Results

The 2019 Partner Survey Results are in! This survey is one way of understanding SV2’s impact on Partners and getting insights and ideas for how we can continue to achieve our mission, and deepen our learning, impact and community.  Everyone can read more highlights. SV2 Partners can also read the full report. Thanks to all … Continued

Post: SV2 Board Update

It is with deep appreciation that we celebrate the impact of two outgoing SV2 Board members: Bill Brownell and Marcia Pade.  Both have served for six years on the SV2 Board, at a time of organizational growth and innovation. Bill Brownell has served as the SV2 Board Chair for the past four years, leading the … Continued

Person: Christy Chin

Christy is a leader in advancing high-impact philanthropy and social entrepreneurship.  She currently serves on several boards including Benetech, National Venture Capital Association, Education Opens Doors, Food Forward, New Story, World Affairs and, while also serving as an advisor to AshokaU and CALMatters. Christy previously served as a Managing Partner at the Draper Richards … Continued

Person: Kwok Lau

Joining SV2 in 2012, Kwok participates in the Education and the Pathways to Opportunity SV2 communities. She was a Lead Partner to Early Education grantee SOMOS Mayfair (2015-2018). Kwok has developed a specific interest in community engagement and working with local underserved communities. She is on the board of SOMOS Mayfair with the goal to … Continued

Grantee: ICA Fund Good Jobs

We invest in high potential businesses to create economic freedom for those who need it most. We help entrepreneurs access education, advisory services, and investment capital so they can grow their businesses and create good jobs. We engage with entrepreneurs, community members, and partners to broaden our network and deepen our connection with the community.

Grantee: Center for Youth Wellness

The Center for Youth Wellness is part of a national effort to revolutionize pediatric medicine and transform the way society responds to kids exposed to significant adverse childhood experiences and toxic stress.

Grantee: Suyo

Suyo helps families secure their property rights by offering the most affordable and reliable property formalization services in Latin America. Combining modern technology with our expert team of lawyers, architects and other property professionals, Suyo solves property formalization needs in a simple process for approximately half the price of other providers.