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The Annual Meeting inspired me to reflect on the two components of SV2’s mission:
1. Investing in and engaging with high potential nonprofits as our Grantees.
The significance of the “Grantee” part of our mission was front-and-center at the Annual Meeting with four phenomenal Grantee speakers. Each of our Grantees articulates a compelling solution to a challenging problem. They instill a sense of urgency that moves others to action, which is critical in today’s interconnected world. It is our great fortune to work with each of them.
2. Educating and empowering SV2 Partners as philanthropists.
Our goal is to meet Partners wherever they are on their philanthropic journeys and inspire them with experiences and education to evolve their giving.  Bill Sommerville of Philanthropic Ventures Foundation says that philanthropy should be fun, satisfying and significant – and we couldn’t agree more. When I joined SV2 three years ago, I was a recovering corporate lawyer. I have learned much since then from SV2 Partners about being more proactive, strategic and collaborative in my own giving. SV2 Partners freely share their expertise and experience with one another and our Grantees; they serve as SV2 board members, grant round leaders, lead partners, advising team members, Grantee coaches and often serve on the boards of Grantees. There is no better network for making social change than SV2.
We know that the needs of our communities are urgent and deep, and the available resources are scarce or inefficiently deployed.  The problems we address in education, the environment, international development and health can seem overwhelming, but SV2 brings the persistence, creativity, innovation and optimism that make change possible. Thank you all for your commitment to making a difference and here’s to a great year ahead!

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