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Are you joining us at the SVP Conference?

Hundreds of business leaders, nonprofit executives, board members, social entrepreneurs, and venture philanthropists come together each year for the Social Venture Partners Global Conference. This year on October 20-22, several SV2 Board members, Partners and staff are planning to…


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SV2 Welcomes new Board Members

Join us in welcoming three new members to the SV2 Board of Directors: Jody Chang, Jill Matzke, and Tony Stayner.  Jody, Jill and Tony have collectively and individually contributed a significant amount already to the SV2 community as Partner leaders. We look forward to their continued energy, service and inspired leadership on the SV2 Board.…


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SV2's must-watch & reads

Former SV2 Board Chair Nancy Heinen gave heartfelt remarks after winning SV2's 2015 Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen Social Impact Award. This award is given each year to an outstanding individual who has gone above and beyond in their dedication to SV2 and/or its…


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Meet SV2's Impact Report


We are thrilled to share SV2's Impact Report! This report features the inspiring work of each of our Grantees, as well as the ways in which SV2 funding and Beyond-the-Dollars Support have helped them to scale. You'll also read…


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We really celebrated SV2's 15 Years of Impact

Wow. We were so pleased with and proud of the amazing turnout at our Celebration on April 7th. Over 260 of SV2's community joined us to mark 15 years of impact, celebrate our Awardees and “power up” with the amazing Van Jones. View photos from the evening and watch the full …


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2014 Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen SV2 Social Impact Award Recipients announced

We are thrilled to announce the 2014 recipients of the Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen SV2 Social Impact Award. In honor of SV2's 15th anniversary, this year the award is being given to 9 pillars of SV2's early days. These pioneers provided the seed capital to launch and sustain SV2:…


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Working with the Entire Family to Reduce Childhood Obesity

First-year Grantee Packard Pediatric Weight Control Program (PPWCP) works to combat childhood obesity. Program Director Cindy Zedeck, MA discusses the program with SV2 Grantmaking and Special Projects Officer Elizabeth Dodson. 

Q: I understand that the New Year is a busy time of year for the PPWCP. Can you fill us in on that a…


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Catching up with Emily Arnold-Fernandez of Asylum Access

I recently had a chance to catch up with the founder and Executive Director of Asylum Access, Emily Arnold-Fernandez, and learn more about what drives and inspires this award-winning powerhouse: 

Q: Tell us about some of Asylum Access' most exciting…

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Imagine SV2's Best Future!

During this 15th anniversary year at SV2 we’re stepping back to take stock of our work together. Having just launched strategic planning, the SV2 Board of Directors is hard at work exploring how we might deepen and grow SV2’s impact on Partners, Grantees, and the broader community in the years ahead. In the spirit of our Partner-driven model, an “Idea Wall” awaits Partners and others in our Los Altos SV2 meeting space as a place to capture ideas about how we can continue to increase our impact… Continue

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Successes at Peninsula Bridge

In a recent interview with Deirdre Marlowe, Executive Director of Peninsula Bridge, she shared with me what it takes to be an ideal Bridge teacher, how Peninsula Bridge is scaling and what their plans are for this summer. …


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Giving Trends in Silicon Valley

SV2 Partner Alexa Culwell recently wrote this interesting blog post in the Stanford Social Innovation Review: Local Resources for Local…


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Innovation at Pie Ranch

I recently interviewed Jered Lawson, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Pie Ranch about some of the innovative projects he's working on right now.

Q: Tell us about some of the more unusual visitors you’ve had recently at Pie Ranch.

A: We are developing a great relationship with Google,…


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Due Diligence: 3 Secrets for Success

There are so many great organizations working on so many praiseworthy and necessary causes -- I wish SV2 could fund all of them. However, we have limited resources, and as Partners, we want to make sure those resources are used efficiently and effectively. A good due diligence process is key to reaching these goals.

This process is particularly difficult in SV2's International Grantmaking Group, where we do not restrict funding based on the nonprofit's issue area or…


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Q&A with Medic Mobile

I had the pleasure of speaking with Josh Nesbit, Executive Director of SV2 Grantee Medic Mobile:

Q: What have been the recent highlights for Medic Mobile?

A: The last few days have been very exciting. President Clinton announced our projects in Liberia and Kenya during the…


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Why fund Environmental Education?

I hate to admit it, but there was a time in my life when I threw plastic bottles away in the garbage.  While there probably was no recycling bin available, I’m sure the main reason I did it was because I didn't know any better. But, once I knew better, I did better. Now, I minimize buying anything in plastic and recycle every part I can.

Education—the process of acquiring knowledge—is the first step to establishing good habits. Whether the information comes from a teacher at school or…


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Collective Action: Building a Robust Civic Infrastructure

Jeff Edmonson, CEO of Strive, defines some key differences between the standard definition of collaboration between people and entities and the new model of collective impact. He posits that discipline is the primary differentiator.  One example of discipline is using data to continuously narrow the focus and  target investments/resources/people on areas where data shows specific actions to be really working.…


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SV2's Newest Startup: Health

This year SV2 has added Health as a new focus area. This is a topic with outstanding potential for impact, but what really draws me in is the “startup” mode of this grant round. There’s no momentum from previous grant rounds, no history of research, and no potential Grantees that just missed out during the last round. We're very much at the fuzzy front end of the brain-storming process. We have a clean canvas to work with, and the creative process can go in any direction at this point.…


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While in its Infancy, Experts See a Bright Future for Blended Learning

WOW! What a great group of knowledgeable experts in the Blended Learning (BL) panel on Tuesday! We are at the beginning of this BL wave (and our experts agreed that blended learning IS NOT a fad). Gisele Huff (of Innosight Institute) likened the infancy of BL today as analogous to the early days of the Sony transistor radio. Boy, have we moved lightyears from that! (radio+phone+GPS+wallet+movie/music player+HD…


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Q&A with Beyond 12

I had the pleasure of interviewing a current SV2 Grantee - Alex Bernadotte, Executive Director of Beyond 12:

Q: What motivates you to do Beyond 12's work of helping first-generation college students succeed in college?

A: Only 9% of students from low-income families complete a…


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The Five-Minute Nonprofit MBA

SV2 Partner Curtis Chang recently wrote this interesting blog post in the Stanford Social Innovation Review to help Nonprofit Executive Directors gain the management skills they need: The Five-Minute Nonprofit…


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