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Volunteer Leadership

Volunteer Leadership


Impact Investment Round


   Bill Brownell

Lisa Jones

Tony Stayner


Education Learning Year

 Alison Elliott

Jon Goulden

Kelly Pope


Education Lightning Grant Round


Aarti Chandna

  Economic Opportunity & Employment Grant Round

Shalyn Eason

Paru Yusuf


Lightning Grant Round

 Lisa Guerra

Nancy Heinen

  Lead Partners to Somos Mayfair

 Kwok Lau

Mark Wilson

  Lead Partners to Village Enterprise

 Nancy Heinen

Jill Olson

 Lead Partners to Global Press Institute

 Usha Sekar

Sayuri Sharper

  Lead Partners to Silicon Valley Urban Debate League

  Linda Lazor

Rick Tinsley


Lead Partners to The Art of Yoga Project

 Lucy Caldwell

Nancy Yu


Lead Partners to The Big Lift

  Kelly Pope

Marcia Pade


Lead Partners to Food Shift

Bill Brownell 

Jennifer Sousae


SV2 Kids Leader



Seema Batavia



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