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Volunteer Leadership

Volunteer Leadership


Education Grant Round Leaders



Linda Burt

Mark Wilson


International Grant Round Leaders


Michelle LaVally

Jill Matzke


Lead Partners to Medic Mobile


Liz Weingart

Michael White


Lead Partner to Beyond 12


Denise Geschke


Lead Partner to Pie Ranch


Ann Iverson


Lead Partner to Asylum Access


Kim Meredith


Lead Partners to Vida Verde


Bill Brownell

Marcia Pade


Lead Partners to Pediatric Weight Control Program


Karl Matzke

Jill Matzke


Lead Partners to The Art of Yoga Project


Lucy Donovan

Nancy Yu


Lead Partners to The Big Lift


Jody Chang

Marcia Pade


Lead Partners to Food Shift

 Jennifer Sousae

Ben Trombley


Co-Chairs of SV2 Kids Service-Learning Program



Nancy Yu

Laura Kupor



Why does SV2 have Volunteer Leaders?

- SV2 Partners make the decisions about where to award grants and how to get involved with our Grantees. Each year, we select Partners who are experienced and willing to lead their peers in the grantmaking process and in the Grantee advising process.

What do Grant Round Leaders do?

- Each year, Grant Round Leaders help "steer" our grantmaking groups through the process of selecting Grantees.

- Grant Round Leaders facilitate monthly meetings, after planning each agenda with staff.

What do Lead Partners do?

- Lead Partners serve as the link between SV2 and each Grantee during our three-year grants. 

- As the grant begins, Lead Partners help the Grantee go through a self-assessment process and set goals for the Grant Agreement.

- Lead Partners check in with Grantees monthly to provide support and to help link Grantees to the capacity-building resources they might need.

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