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Social Sector Leadership

Social Sector Leadership

In addition to building the organizational capacity of our Grantees and the philanthropic capacity of our Partners, we seek to build the philanthropic capacity of our entire community.

We believe that collaboration among many organizations is essential for transformative social innovations. Therefore, collaboration is one of our core values, and we seek to be a hub for the greater community of philanthropists and nonprofit leaders.

One example of SV2’s social sector leadership kicked off in 2010, when SV2 collaborated with the Sand Hill and Packard Foundations to fund nine leading local nonprofits, working in after-school and summer-school programs, to get more disadvantaged kids into college in a systemic, coordinated way. The entire cohort of nonprofit Grantees continued to meet and collaborate throughout the three-year initiative, and we aspire to demonstrate and share models for effectiveness with others outside our regional area. Read more about the Out-of-School Time initiative

SV2 takes the private act of giving and turns it into a social learning experience that has opened my eyes to a number of fabulous nonprofits. Several SV2 Partners manage their family foundations and we have shared best practices at lunches designed for that very purpose. 

Jill Olson,
SV2 Partner

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