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Portfolio of Grantees

Portfolio of Grantees

Literacy for Environmental Justice
2016 (Lightning Round Grantee)

Global Press Institute

Silicon Valley Urban Debate League (SVUDL) 2016-2019

Downtown Streets Team
2015 (Lightning Round Grantee)

Mission Asset Fund
2015 (Lightning Round Grantee)

Somos Mayfair 2015-2018

Village Enterprise 2015-2018

The Art of Yoga Project 2014-2017

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The Big Lift 2014-2017

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Food Shift 2014-2017

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Asylum Access 2013-2016

Pediatric Weight Control Program 2013-2016

Vida Verde 2013-2016

Beyond 12 2012-2015

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Medic Mobile 2012-2015

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Pie Ranch 2012-2015

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Partners In School Innovation (PartnersSI) 2011-2014

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Blue Planet Network 2011-2014

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Organic Farming Research Foundation (OFRF) 2011-2014

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Peninsula Bridge 2010-2013

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East Palo Alto Tennis & Tutoring (EPATT) 2010-2013

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Living Goods 2010-2013

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The Reach Institute for School Leadership 2009-2012

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The National Foster Youth Action Network (NFYAN) 2009-2012

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Sustainable Conservation 2009-2010

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The San Jose Charter School Consortium 2008-2012

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MicroCredit Enterprises 2008-2009

Ella Baker Center for Human Rights 2008

JobTrain 2008

Build It Green 2008

Bay Area Women's Sports Initiative (BAWSI) 2007-2009

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Positive Coaching Alliance 2007-2009

Family Connections 2007-2010

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Silicon Valley Children's Fund 2007 and 2009

International Development Exchange (IDEX) 2007-2008

Unitus 2007-2008

Center for Resource Solutions 2007-2008

San Jose Conservation Corps and Charter School 2006-2009

Acterra 2005-2008

Fresh Lifelines for Youth (FLY) 2005-2008

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New Teacher Center 2004-2007

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Reading Partners (Formerly YES Reading) 2003-2006

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RotaCare Free Clinic 2003-2006

Loaves & Fishes 2002-2005

The Natural Step 2002-2005

Partners in Reading 2001-2004

Opportunity Fund (formerly Lenders for Community Development) 2001-2004

Eastside College Prep 2001-2003

Child Advocates 2001-2004

Downtown College Prep 2001-2003

Project HELP 2000-2001

SV2 is like a 'match-maker' between cutting-edge nonprofits and Partners who are passionate about the tough social issues those nonprofits are tackling. Through the SV2 network, I was able to find the perfect 'matches' - I joined the Boards of Directors of two SV2 Grantees.

Alan Austin,
SV2 Partner

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