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Partner Profiles

SV2's Many Faces of Giving

Nancy Yu

“It’s been so meaningful to see my daughter take what she’s learned at SV2 Kids and apply it to her own passions."

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Scott Kupor

“Why SV2, after all my years of successfully putting off any real philanthropic or community engagement? It’s as simple as - it just works for us. SV2 makes it easy and enjoyable for our family to ‘give back.’"

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Noosheen Hashemi

“SV2 Teens has had a huge impact on my two kids. They have been able to explore philanthropy and social change in ways that are age-appropriate, accessible, and multi-faceted.”

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Clara Roa

“Encouraging the Grantee to make their Development Director position full-time didn't feel like a big deal to me. But for a small nonprofit, struggling to figure things out, that advice might be all they need to make a bigger impact."

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Jamie Wang

“The whole idea of having a community of philanthropists was so appealing....We all wanted to learn how to do philanthropy well.”

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Who are SV2 Partners?

- There are over 200 of us (and that number continues to grow!)

- We come from every walk of life: doctors, entrepreneurs, lawyers, engineers, marketers, stay-at-home parents, and so on

- We are singles and couples ages 20 to 80

- We're passionate about social change, and we want to be smart about how we do it

- We pool our skills, energy, ideas, and money to make a more meaningful impact than any of us could make on our own

- Many of us "roll up our sleeves" to get involved with SV2 Grantees - we provide advising beyond the dollars, as well as connections to our networks

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