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November 5, 2015

What's your "Can't Not Do"?

Join us at the University Club of Palo Alto on Mon. 11/9 for an evening with Paul Shoemaker, founding president of Social Venture Partners International (SVPI) and author of the new book Can't Not Do, hosted by various Bay Area alumni organizations (RSVP here).

All are welcome to attend this lively evening about exploring how you are most compelled to contribute to the world around you. Paul will share insights from 17 years of activating social change agents and talk with SV2 Partner, Caitlin Heising, and her mother, Liz Simons, about their philanthropic journeys.

Caitlin and Liz will share a glimpse into their respective passions and work with their family foundation, the Heising-Simons Foundation. A global thought leader on how individuals can be the most effective philanthropists, Paul will share with us why he decided he “couldn’t not” write his new book, Can’t Not Do: The Compelling Social Drive that Changes Our World, and what he’s learned about effective philanthropy along the way.

Engaged Funders: Do's and Don'ts

SV2 recently hosted a thought-provoking Springboard Session on the Do’s & Don’ts of engaged funders before an enthusiastic roomful of SV2 Partners, Grantees and members of CEN (Center for Excellence in Nonprofits) at the Betty and Gordon Moore Foundation.

The learning session, moderated by SV2 Board member & CEO of Social Inertia, Mike White, included panelists Emily Arnold-Fernandez, Executive Director and Founder of SV2 Grantee Asylum Access; Rob Gitin, Executive Director and Co-founder of At the Crossroads; and Jessamyn Shams-Lau, Executive Director of the Peery Foundation. To virtually experience this candid conversation, click here.

Turning ugly produce into social change

SV2 Environment Grantee Food Shift is launching The Alameda Kitchen, which will transform produce that would otherwise be discarded into healthy, affordable food for food insecure populations. The Kitchen employs residents of the Alameda Point Collaborative (APC), a housing community for formerly homeless individuals and families.

To make this vision a reality, Food Shift needs to raise $30,000. To date, nearly 300 backers from all over the country have helped Food Shift reach over 75% of their goal but they still need your contributions to support wages, cooking equipment, and to hire a part time chef. You can learn more about Food Shift's Indiegogo campaign here to help prevent food waste while providing nourishment and employment to some of our Bay Area neighbors in need.

How does local philanthropy bridge the gap?

Please join SV2 Partners Heather McLeod Grant and Alexa Cortes Culwell for one of two design sessions on local philanthropy. With funding from The David and Lucile Packard Foundation, Heather and Alexa are exploring the motivations and barriers to giving to local community causes and how to activate more philanthropy. SV2 is pleased to be a key partner in this research and will host two design sessions exploring these issues as well as solutions for bridging the gap between local community needs and Silicon Valley philanthropy.

Join us for one of the following design sessions: Fri. 11/20, 12-1:30 pm (RSVP here) OR Tues. 12/1 1:30-3:00 pm (RSVP here) This is a fantastic ways to learn more about the dynamics of philanthropy in Silicon Valley, help envision potential solutions, and be part of this field-leading work.

SV2 visits Seattle

A merry band of SV2 Partners, Board members, and staff flocked to the Social Venture Partners (SVP) Audacious Philanthropy Conference in Seattle last week. From Boston to Bangalore, Social Venture Partners is the world’s largest network of engaged donors. SV2 is a strategic partner of SVP, which enables us to share innovative ideas with and learn from 3500 other engaged philanthropists in 39 cities around the world.

SV2 Partners Bill Brownell, Shalyn Eason, Kathy Gallagher, Nancy Heinen, Becky Morgan and Marcia Pade heard from stellar speakers such as Pulitzer Prize winners, Nicholas Kristof & Sheryl Wu Dunn. We also engaged in four separate breakout tracks with interactive and solutions-oriented sessions focused on Impact Investing, Emerging Practices in the Social Sector, Equity, and SVP as its own Investee. We return to the Bay Area excited to share what we learned, inspired to keep asking the right questions, and emboldened to test new ideas.

Share the magic of SV2

What could SV2 accomplish if we welcomed even more new Partners to our special giving community? New Partners bring a powerful mix of fresh skills, perspectives, ideas, energy and resources. The more diverse and expansive our community, the greater positive social impact we can have together - positive impact on each other, on our giving, and on promising social ventures we support throughout our community and beyond. Help grow our partnership by inviting someone who you think embodies our values to “test drive” SV2 by attending 2-3 events to experience the SV2 magic first-hand.

Two such opportunities amidst a full calendar of upcoming events: Deep Dive Workshop: Demystifying Nonprofit Business Models (11/20) or SV2’s Holiday Party (12/9).

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