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SV2 Partners pool our annual
 contributions, and then together we decide where to grant our collective funds.

Currently, SV2 makes grants in the rotating areas of At-Risk Youth, Education, Environment, Health and International Development. We typically run a combination longer and shorter duration competitive grant rounds each year to choose our Grantees, and also to provide interested Partners with a deep, experiential education in grantmaking and exposure to innovative nonprofit organizations. Recently, SV2 added for-profit social enterprises to its portfolio, supporting impact-minded companies with a Bay Area presence.

SV2 grants typically range from $100,000 to 150,000 over three years. Our grants are intended to invest in the organization's structure and operations, not just pay for current programs. This means that Grantees spend their SV2 grants on necessities such as upgraded databases, fundraising staff, or evaluation studies -- all of which position them for organizational growth and improved services to their clients. Since its founding in 1998, SV2 has granted over $5.2 million to 81+ nonprofits.

SV2 does not accept grant proposals. Instead, during each grant round the Partners decide what community need we want to address, and then we research the nonprofit landscape to find organizations that are working on meeting that need. After thoroughly researching all the organizations, we invite finalists to come meet with us before we make our final decision. SV2 Grantees always have a Bay Area presence so that Partners can engage with the organizational leaders in their capacity-building goals. SV2 Grantees generally have budgets between $250K and $2M, and are poised to strengthen their organizational capacity and scale their services.

Being part of the Environment Grantmaking Group helps me stay connected to matters that are important to me, and motivates me to delve deeper and consider diverse viewpoints. I've learned a lot both about organic farming and how to collaborate for successful grant relationships. 

Mary Taylor Fullerton,
SV2 Partner

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