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Education & Socials

Educational and Social Events

SV2 provides a vehicle for Partners to connect around issues that are meaningful to them. Partners—CEOs, professionals, entrepreneurs, teachers, philanthropists, full-time parents—forge strong bonds both with each other and with Grantees. They build a philanthropic community through the discovery of a network of friends who share similar values and interests. SV2 provides opportunities for relationships to develop around philanthropy, and from there, other intellectual, social and professional connections are made.

Educational Events
With SV2, Partners explore key issues affecting Silicon Valley and beyond. We invite nationally-recognized “keynote” speakers and local subject-matter experts to help us identify specific levers that will affect change. SV2 offers workshops to help all our Partners become savvy philanthropists and thought leaders in the social sector. Here are a few recent workshop topics:

  • Scaling nonprofits
  • Coaching nonprofit leaders
  • Facilitating group decision-making
  • Being an excellent Board member
  • Using "design thinking" for social innovation

Partners also receive "experiential education" through the process of selecting and advising Grantees. Partners are exposed to grant finalists from around the Valley, and through site visits, learn first hand of their accomplishments and challenges. Partners who participate actively in SV2 grantmaking learn a great deal as they engage in this due diligence process and then monitor the achievement of mutually agreed-upon goals. 

Social Events
Nearly all SV2 events include opportunities for Partners to meet and mingle; however, SV2 also holds events specifically designed for networking and building relationships within the group. These include our Fall Annual Meeting, our Holiday Party, our Spring All-Community Gathering, and other events that allow Partners to get to know unfamiliar faces, catch up with old friends, and connect with others who share their passion for philanthropy.

What I appreciate about SV2 is the range of education it provides me as a philanthropist and community member. At one event we might be talking about high-level policy; at another about strategic philanthropy; and at another about how the nonprofits we fund are actually changing kids' lives.

Susan Hanson,
SV2 Partner

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