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Become a Grantee

Become a Grantee

Because SV2 is a Partner-driven organization, all grant focus areas and funding decisions are determined by our Partners, not by our staff or Board of Directors.

SV2 does not accept grant proposals. Instead, each year the Partners decide what community need they want to address, and then they research the nonprofit landscape to find organizations that are working on meeting that need. After thoroughly researching all the organizations, we invite finalists to come meet with the Partners, who then choose the Grantee.

While it is not possible for us to accept grant proposals, nonprofit organizations who fit our guidelines may email us their name and mission so that when a potentially synergistic opportunity arises we can be sure to circle back with you. SV2 Grantees must have a Bay Area presence, must address issues of Environment, Education, or International Development, and generally have a budget between $250K and $2M.

The National Foster Youth Action Network would not be where we are today without the financial support and human capital from SV2. This year we have significantly increased our impact and visibility and believe it is due in great part to the expertise SV2 has provided.

Janet Knipe,
Executive Director, National Foster Youth Action Network

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